Billing for Telco's

ECBill provides telecommunication companies with billing related services such as:

  • Industry leading billing modules, including:
    • Advance & arrears billing
    • Anniversary & calendar billing periods
    • Billing of mobile, tablet, RBT, NBN and non-tolling products
  • Payment processing for:
    • Recurring payments
    • Scheduling payments
    • Manual payments
    • Automated due-date payments
  • Usage processing and rating
  • Retrieval, logging and reporting of CDR's SDR's and XDR's retrieved
  • Daily ongoing expenditure / usage calculation
  • Retail usage itemisation
  • Retail usage itemisation grouped by call type
  • Management of wholesale plans
  • Management of retail plans
    • Included value plans (SMS, Voice, Data, International, and Roaming)
    • Aggregated plans
  • Management of client usage limits, client types, and risk points
  • Reporting of clients over their usage limit

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Millions of residential and commercial customers are billed every month using EAP!

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