Comprehensive Client Management

A powerful client management system, that includes:

  • Easy client management, including adding, editing, and client statuses (for order processing and searching, i.e. Connected, Cancelled, Dispatched, Sent to Dispatch, Re-qualified, Waiting on Connection and many more);
  • Client notes history (i.e. your customer resource managers track all calls, comments and work done for client);
  • Searching by surname, status, client & service status, IMEI, SIM, phone number, plan, invoice number, ID, user name, IP Address, etc.;
  • Management of system users, a large amount of features relate to users, giving them different levels of access. Administrator and Super User accounts included;
  • User messaging system which allows email-like features within the system;
  • Notices section enables the administrator to show generic messages on one or many users’ home pages;
  • Management of your system communication templates, MSN's and SIM's, AGVC link utilisation, and user IP access list;
  • Display and searching of your expiring clients’ for retention purposes, show today’s, tomorrow’s, next week’s, next month’s and monthly for the next 6 month’s clients.

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