SEP 23, 2019
By Drewe Apps

Allow Customers to Trigger a Payment via SMS

Failed credit card payments can be frustrating for customers, especially when their account balance means the continuation or disconnection of the product or service they purchase from your business.

A loss of service due to a payment issue can cause unintentional churn, resulting in a drop in revenue and a poor customer experience. This can have a significant knock-on effect for service providers!

Enable customers to manage their account via SMS

The easiest way to help overcome churn, poor customer experience and a drop in revenue due to a failed payment is to automatically retry the failed payment, and to put the control in your customer's hands by providing them with tools to update their payment details, and a system that enables them to tigger the payment once their payment details are correct and funds are available in their account.

EAP's 2-way SMS system makes triggering a payment super-simple. Customer's can simply text PAYNOW to your configured and dedicated number, after which EAP will automatically reply asking for confirmation for their payment to be processed. The customer simply needs to reply with YES to trigger the payment attempt. Simple!

But wait, there's more!

With EAP's 2-way SMS system, customers can also:

  • Request their Prepaid IN balance
  • Request their Postpaid account balance
  • Redeem a Prepaid voucher
  • Top up their Prepaid service
  • Turn international roaming on and off
  • Add a bolt-on to their Prepaid service
  • Request their Postpaid service usage amounts
  • Approve or reject a port out request

EAP provides self-help and self-management tools to take the burden off support teams and enable customers to manage their products and services as and when needed.

Reach out to discuss how EAP and 2-way SMS can help your business.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer