Jan 22, 2018
By Drewe Apps

Manage Connections on Optus Prepaid & Postpaid Networks within One EAP Account

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Yomojo is an Optus Prepaid MVNO who have been utilising ECConnect's EAP platform for many years for business functions such as provisioning, client management, billing, logistics, etc. Blink is an Optus Postpaid MVNO, also owned by Yomojo, who utilise products and services from many other suppliers.

In order to streamline their businesses, while also providing Yomojo customers with the ability to purchase Blink products and services, the Yomojo and Blink teams approached ECConnect to investigate the feasibility of connecting a single EAP account to Optus Prepaid and Postpaid networks instead of just one or the other.


The biggest challenge was in the technical feat of connecting to both the Optus Prepaid and Postpaid networks based on the customer record from one EAP account.

The second biggest challenge was ensuring an uninterrupted service and experience for the existing customer bases.


While the required end result was known, the unknown element was how, technically, the task could be completed. Due to this, a great deal of time and effort went into the planning phase of the project. Once the project plan was complete, development began immediately.

The team collaborated with Optus, Yomojo and Blink to ensure the success of all test cases, and the success of the project.


The benefit gained from this project is greater knowledge in our abilities to work with a multitude of networks and systems, and the seemless integration of these, whilst now being able to provide MVNOs the ability to utilise both the Optus Prepaid and Postpaid networks from one EAP account.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer