June 16, 2016
By Drewe Apps

ECConnect Promotions Engine

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ECConnect are proud to launch an industry leading new product, the ECConnect Promotions Engine. Designed specifically for the telecommunications industry, this product will allow service providers to dynamically design and offer promotions to customers based on elements such as usage, actions, etc. The ECConnect Promotions Engine is an add-on module for EAP.

Promotion types include:

  • Payment of a monetary amount – for example receive an extra $5 when you topup OR receive an extra 20% credit when you topup (topup $10 and receive $12).
  • Give a gift product – for example receive an extra 500mb data pack upon your monthly renewal.
  • Credit a nominated value – for example receive $5 off your next monthly renewal OR receive 10% off your next renewal.

Trigger points include:

  • Immediate, on activation
  • Prepaid Topup
  • Postpaid Payment
  • Prepaid Purchase
  • Postpaid Purchase
  • First Monthly Postpaid Bill
  • Initial Order
  • Prepaid Product Purchase
  • Postpaid Product Purchase
  • Prepaid Product Renewal
  • Postpaid Product Renewal

A promotion can be configured to either trigger another promotion, or add another promotion to be triggered at a later date. Promotions can therefore be combined or delayed. They can even be configured to add themselves.

Each promotion also has the ability to select a range of conditions, which must be met when adding and/or triggering a promotion. For example:

  • that the service is ported from another carrier;
  • that the client signed up via a certain sales channel;
  • that the client is Post Paid;
  • in addition to many other options.

The benefits of the Promotions Engine include:

  • Fully dynamic and highly configurable;
  • Automation has led to a reduction in the time spent by resources managing the process;
  • Reduction in cost to manage the process internally;
  • Greater customer satisfaction for the service provider;
  • Targeted promotions for customers resulting the maximum ROI.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer