Nov 10, 2016
By Drewe Apps

Migrating to EAP with Multiple Brands


Real SIM & Telco4u have been operating in the Australian telecommunications industry for many years. To date, both companies have utilised a wide array of products and services to manage their businesses. Some of which have caused limitations to their retail offerings, thus impacting growth.

Looking to streamline both businesses, gain greater flexibility with regard to provisioning and billing, and launch a new brand (Moose Mobile), Real SIM and Telco4u approached ECConnect to migrate from their existing systems to a more flexible and powerful platform.

As they would be moving from an aggregated telecommunication service, they also needed to become a true MVNO in their own right. ECConnect would prove more than capable in advising and assisting with this process.


The biggest challenge was ensuring an uninterrupted service and experience for their existing customer base, while migrating to not only a new account with a carrier, but also migrating to a new platform for management of services, communication with customers, and for billing.


The team at RealSIM and Telco4u, had some knowledge of the level of expertise that ECConnect has, the products and services on offer, as well as the ongoing support provided, from word of mouth and recommendations, so they reached out to ECConnect for a solution. ECConnect put forward EAP, as a complete customer management, mobile service management, and billing solution.

The flexibility of EAP meant that data could easily be mapped from existing business support systems. It also meant uninterrupted service to customers and a speedy migration at the carrier level.

The plan to migrate to EAP was accepted, and kicked off immediately.

ECConnect mapped the data and created data transformation scripts. Customers were migrated on the carrier side, and data was migrated from existing systems to EAP. At an agreed time, a hard cutover took place, and thereafter normal BSS operations commenced with EAP.

In conjunction with the migration, ECConnect's in-house development team made various adjustments and added new features to the EAP platform to accommodate RealSIM’s and Telco4u’s existing processes. The development team used an Agile approach to plan and implement the necessary work, which was successfully completed and added further beneficial functionality to the EAP suite of products.

The major stand out new feature to come from these upgrades was support for a multi-brand MVNO. This includes providing the ability to customise plans on a per brand basis, categorise customers under brands, send brand-based communications to customers, and provide a unique invoice on a per-brand basis.


This migration, and building of new features during the migration period, in particular multi-branding capabilities, has given the ECConnect team further confidence in the migration of MVNO’s to EAP, as well as the development of significantly technical pieces of work.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer