Mar 14, 2016
By Brad Apps

Migration to EAP


Yatango Mobile was an Australian telecommunications provider, founded in 2012 by Andy Taylor. A consumer lifestyle brand focusing on customer choice and transparency and enabling personalised consumption options for 4G mobile services. Regretfully, Yatango fell into administration after they had an unsuccessful attempt at a reverse listing (RTO) with the ASX by its parent company. After which Yatango Mobile's secured creditor won a bid to take over the Yatango Mobile client base and founded Yomojo. [1]

Since Yatango Mobile's conception in 2012, ECConnect assisted the team with their Optus launch and provided Business Support Systems and hosting services. This included development of much of the intellectual property to reach Yatango's vision and help them move into other industry verticals, markets and countries.

EAP is ECConnect's 'software as a service' Telecommunication Business Support System. [2]


Due to Yatango Mobile's systems being 'locked up' in a separate IP entity, the secured creditor (who purchased the client base and started the new brand Yomojo) needed a platform for the clients to move onto. They needed to retain the clients' mobile services, allowing them uninterrupted usage, billing, topups, etc. And they needed it quick!


Yomojo knew about the support that ECConnect had provided for Yatango Mobile (because of the administration process and previous transparency, including details in the RTO prospectus) so they reached out to ECConnect to find a solution and home for their clients. ECConnect proposed the clients could be supported by the EAP platform. The agile team at ECConnect and the flexible codebase of EAP meant that data could be mapped from the custom Yatango database schemas, and any gaps in functionality due to bespoke Optus configuration used by the Yatango clients could be effectively bridged, enhancing EAP's capabilities and providing a more fully featured and robust system for Yomojo.

The plan to migrate the data, which Yomojo now owned, from Yatango Mobile's database into the EAP instance was accepted.

ECConnect mapped the data and created data transformation scripts. At an agreed time, a hard cutover took place over 6 hours, where the old database was taken offline, data migrated to the new database and thereafter normal BSS operations commenced from EAP.

In parallel to the migration ECConnect's developers also made various additions to the application to accommodate the configuration of Yatango Mobile's products in relation to the Optus configurations. They used an Agile approach to plan and implement the work, which was completed and added further beneficial functionality to the EAP suite of products. The co-ordination of the development and data-migration teams was managed in tandem, resulting in a fast, quality turnaround for the project.

The major stand out of this migration was providing the functionality for products to be 'bundled', which was something previously done only on the Optus side.


Previously all Service Providers who have leveraged the EAP offering have been new providers in the market, hence starting off with no clients and their business processes are influenced by EAP. This migration into EAP has given the ECConnect team the confidence and structure to allow existing Service Providers to easily move their client bases and business operations into EAP.


  [1] Ausdroid: Yomojo acquire Yatango Mobile Australia’s mobile customers
  [2] ECConnect: EAP - ECConnect's flagship Telecommunication Business Support System

Brad Apps
Founder, CEO & Director