SEP 25, 2019
By Drewe Apps

Searching Made Easy with Multi-Criteria Search

EAP's multi-criteria search feature allows EAP users to search on up to four conditions, in order to find exactly what they're looking for with the least amount of effort.

The advantage of constructing a multi-criteria search is that fields from several areas can be searched on, such as services and clients, in the one search. The following image shows three conditions applied to EAP's services search page - a client condition (Bill Day), a service condition (Service Type) and another service condition (Connection Date).

EAP's multi-criteria search feature has been implemented into all of EAP's Dashboard search pages - Clients, Transactions, Invoices, and Notifications.

Development & Implementation

Visually, this looks simple. However technically, it is a whole other ball game!

Development and implementation of this feature sure was a technical feat; from the logic to display the multitude of options, to the queries being run on a multi-criteria search.

Furthermore, pre-launch testing and post-implementationg testing was extremely tedious and time consuming but after several rounds of testing and revisions, we got there!

The team pushed their limits but the outcome is a feature that is highly used which makes it all worth it.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer