Feb 16, 2017
By Drewe Apps

Simple NBN Provisioning and NBN Connection Management


Active Utilities is a leading supplier of Embedded Networks, offering managed utility services to multi-tenant locations.

With NBN becoming more accessible and in-demand, Active Utilities decided to embark on the launch of a new consumer brand, Activenet. Offering NBN connections at low-cost and with a quick turnaround time.


Primary challenges included sourcing of a system capable of setting up new NBN connections and managing existing connections with ease. While a fully capable system is a primary requirement and challenge, the cost of the solution also needed to be carefully considered.


Several options were investigated, including the development of a custom system, however lengthy timeframes and significant development costs meant a custom system was not feasible.

Activenet decided to make use of ECConnect’s EAP platform for NBN provisioning, connection management, automated usage alerts and blocking/throttling actions, and customer management, while utilising their existing system for customer billing. With constant development, loads of customisations available, on-demand support, a quick setup timeframe, and significantly lower cost than a custom system, the decision was almost too easy.

The project kicked off immediately, with the software side of the project being setup in a matter of days, while carrier and network elements took only a couple of weeks.

Training was successfully completed shortly after, with a production-ready system and team in place within time and budget constraints.


This project has shown that ECConnect can provide a production-ready NBN provisioning and customer management solution within a matter of weeks, at a significantly lower cost than what many may expect. The project also allowed us the opportunity to integrate additional NBN specific tools and additional customisation options for existing and future MVNO’s within EAP.

Drewe Apps
Chief Commercial Officer