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Credit Card Processing

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Smarter credit card payment processing

ECPayment is an online automated credit card payment processing system, that provides dynamic credit card payment routing (patent pending) to numerous payment providers.

ECPayment is a rules-based payment system which, based on your defined payment types, will determine which provider each of your credit card payments will be processed via. This enables you to spread credit risk, cash flow and fees between payment providers. This also allows for redundancy and fault tolerance by allowing immediate fail over to your alternative payment provider.

ECPayment provides you with the flexibility to setup custom payment types most relevant to your systems and / or business processes.

Example Payment Types

  • Prepaid Top Ups
  • Postpaid Due Date Payments
  • Auto Renewal Payments
  • IVR/SMS Top Ups
  • Initial Purchase Payments

Example Actions

When ECPayment completes a payment request to your payment provider, depending on the transaction's response code, any of the following actions can be triggered according to your configuration:

  • Email notifications to your support team
  • Triggering of an API
  • Transaction risk points for fraud detection
  • Credit card deactivation
  • Selection of an alternative provider to fail over to
  • Choice to auto retry and the number of retries

  • ECPayment also handles the management of credit cards and related token generation with payment provider/s for PCI compliance.

Supported Payment Processors

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Millions of residential and commercial customers are billed every month using ECPayment!

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