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Manage Anything!

Database driven for maximum flexibility!

Being datebase driven and highly configurable, EAP Relativity can facilitate the management of almost any product or service. If there is a product or service which belongs to a client or entity, EAP Relativity will allow you to manage it, and optionally bill for it.

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Manage clients with ease.

EAP Relativity allows you to take control of your customer base with loads of powerful tools, and gives you the necessary insight with a stack of detailed reports.

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Powerful device management tools at the ready.

Due to the dynamic nature of EAP Relativity, functions to manage devices is almost endless. If a device can understand an instruction, EAP Relativity will be able to speak its language.

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Connecting with customers made easy

EAP Relativity contains an automated notification system to ensure you are communicating with your customers at the right time, with the right message.

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Dynamic credit checking for peace of mind

EAP Relativity contains a fully dynamic credit checking system, to provide flexibility around who receives credit with your services.

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EAP Relativity is super flexible and designed to work with any carrier or wholesaler!

Client Management Features

EAP Relativity provides client management tools such as:

  • Adding and editing clients and their status for order processing and searching, i.e. Connected, Cancelled, Dispatched, Sent to Dispatch, Re-qualified, Waiting on Connection, etc.
  • Client notes and history
  • Comprehensive search features, including the ability to search by surname, status, client & service status, device/service type, device/service ID, plan, invoice number, user name, IP address, etc.
  • Management of system users and their access level
  • Management of system communication templates for user-facing manual and automated correspondence

Service Provisioning & Management Features

While EAP Relativity provides a fully dynamic provisioning workflow, unique to each and every device type and carrier/wholesaler, the following provisioning and management processes are the most common:

  • Connections
  • Disconnections
  • Churning
  • Barring, Throttling, and Service Blocking
  • Usage Processing
  • Device/Service Configuration

Notifications System Features

EAP Relativity includes a powerful and customisable notification system.

Automated customer notifications such as welcome messages, porting notifications, connection status updates, etc. make communicating with customers for common events a delight.

Usage related notifications, such as usage limit notifications and barring or throttling notifications (as well as automated barring/blocking and throttling features), make management of high-use services and devices simple.

EAP Relativity's notification system allows you to customise the content of messages, the ability to turn messages on or off, and change the message's medium (email, sms or both).

This product may also be used as a standalone facility, outside of EAP Relativity, built into your existing applications through SOAP/XML functions.

Credit Checking System Features

EAP Relativity provides instant access to comprehensive credit reports which includes information on the credit history of an individual, as provided by D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet) or Veda Advantage. EAP Relativity's credit checking system provides reporting with variable outcomes based on your own dynamically manageable rules.

If you are providing credit to your customers you may experience increased ricks by doing so, hence, having access to a customers credit file may allow you to make a better informed decision.

EAP Relativity's credit checking system provides access to a comprehensive credit report which details information on the credit worthiness of an individual as provided by your chosen credit checking partner.

The credit history will include some or all of the following:

  • Personal details
  • List of previous credit applications
  • Credit defaults
  • Rectified credit defaults (ones which have been paid)
  • Serious credit infringements
  • Judgment, debts or bankruptcy (information on the public record)

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— Scott Edwards, Moose Mobile

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