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Agile IoT Billing

Simplistically Powerful!

IoT represents a huge opportunity for companies that are agile enough to leverage this growing market. One critical factor in supporting this global phenomenon is billing.

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Billing made easy!

IoT has created opportunities to develop unique monetisation models that require extreme flexibility and agility in order to fully leverage them. EAP Relativity includes an industry leading billing system, designed to be as agile as your business is, in order to monetise your customers, services, and Internet-enabled devices with ease.

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EAP Relativity makes it easy for you to bill anyone for anything!

The Flexibility Your Business Needs!

EAP Relativity's market leading billing system has the tools and flexibility to ensure that you can bill anyone, for anything, with ease.

EAP Relativity can be easily configured for:

  • Advance or arrears billing
  • Anniversary or calendar-month billing cycles

EAP Relativity includes payment processing for:

  • Recurring payments
  • Scheduled payments
  • Due-Date payments
  • Manual payments

The following payment methods are supported:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • BPAY
  • Post Billpay
  • PayPal

EAP Relativity will even take care of the following standard business functions:

  • Usage file processing, logging, rating, and reporting
  • Daily expenditure and usage calculations
  • Retail usage itemisation
  • Management of wholesale plans
  • Management of value and aggregated retail plans
  • Management of client usage limits, client types, and risk points

EAP Relativity also includes a stack of billing related reports, for clarity and assurance of what is happening behind the scenes.

Simple. Flexible. Powerful!

From the simplest to the most complex billing process, EAP Relativity will easily accommodate your billing needs.

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See what others have to say

"ECConnect have been brilliant for our company. They are always happy to help and always have a solution for our concerns."

— Mick Dovile, Activenet

"The guys have created a truly special product here - Finally a one-size-fits all solution for the telco industry!"

— Scott Edwards, Moose Mobile

"EAP is powerful and flexible. It pretty much runs our entire telco business!"

— Daniel Duggan, Yomojo

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