Your Portal into Telecommunication Carriers!

ECGateway works seamlessly with Telecommunication Carriers' Provisioning Systems to allow management of services on all network types.

The Carriers' Web Service Applications accept requests from ECGateway through a secure link using XML and SOAP technologies. ECGateway reinforces their security by being fully encrypted and secured by SSL certificates. By using the XML language it allows easy configuration and addition of new functions when applicable.

ECGateway allows provisioning and management of features, such as:

  • Porting In
  • Porting Out
  • Churning
  • Baring, Throttling, and Service Blocking
  • Service Products, Options & Settings
  • Radius Integration

The database used by ECGateway is fast, secure and robust and the user interface is easy to navigate. The system also logs transactions for your security and for transparency.

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Millions of residential and commercial customers are billed every month using EAP!

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