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Water & Power Management & Billing

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Utilities Management & Billing

EAP makes management and billing of water and power services super easy.

From service provisioning and management, to customer support and automated billing, EAP does it all. So you can get on with growing your customer base and delighting your existing customers.

Simple & Automated!

EAP provides the tools you'll need to run your water or power business! Most of EAP is automated, meaning you and your team can get on with more important work while EAP takes care of the grunt work.

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Core Functions


Manage your clients, offerings, and connected services with ease and accuracy.


Monetise services with EAP's comprehensive & agile utilities billing system.


Collate and process service data for reporting purposes.

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Millions of residential and commercial customers are billed every month using EAP!

See what others have to say

"The guys have created a truly special product here - Finally a one-size-fits all solution for the telco industry!"

— Scott Edwards, Moose Mobile

"EAP is powerful and flexible. It pretty much runs our entire telco business!"

— Daniel Duggan, Yomojo

"ECConnect have been brilliant for our company. They are always happy to help and always have a solution for our concerns."

— Mick Dovile, Activenet

Reach out to see how EAP can help your business!

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